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A Cancer Insurance -
A Cancer Insurance - Cost-Effective Protection against Cancer- Cancer treatment can cost anywhere between 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs. A regular health insurance cover this large is usually quite expensive. iCan, on the other hand, offers large sum insured options, at unbelievably low premiums! iCan vs. A Regular Health Insurance Plan Sum insured | Annual premium of a regula | Annual premium of iCan2 | health insurance plan1 | 20 lakhs Rs. 15, 488 Rs. 1, 251 25 lakhs Rs. 16, 808 Rs. 1, 281 50 lakhs Rs. 21, 611 Rs. 2, 114 CritiCare Benefit- On being diagnosed with cancer, of specified severity, you would get a 60% lump sum payout of the sum insured, over and above the base sum insured. That means that, if you have a 20 lakhs cover, you will get 12 lakhs as lump sum, and you can still use the base 20 lakhs, to cover your treatment expenses. FamilyCare Benefit- iCan takes care of not only you but your family too! Protect your family with a 100% lump sum payment^ of the sum insured, on diagnosis of stage IV cancer, or recurrence of cancer. So, if you have a 20 lakhs cover, you will get a lump sum amount of 20 lakhs, and you would still have the base 20 lakhs, to cover your treatment expenses! Cashless Cancer Treatment- iCan Cancer Insurance covers you for cashless cancer treatment, in 4500+ network hospitals. It also offers hassle-free reimbursement of treatment costs. Lifelong Coverage for Cancer Treatment- Cancer can recur, mostly within the first five years of getting treated. iCan does not stop at providing lump sum payouts. It will cover your treatment expenses lifelong, irrespective of your health status, or claims. Feature/Benefit iCan Lifelong Renewal, Even After Claims - check All Types of Cancers Covered - check Cashless Cancer Treatment - check Waiting Period - 4 months Actual Treatment Costs Covered + Lump Sum Payouts - check 24 hours helpline 9592939400
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