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Personal Accident and Critical Illness Health Cover for members of FLURISH only Benefits you receive under the membership Personal Accident (Fixed benefit) Covers Benefits Sum insured Rs 10L Accidental Death 100% of SI Permanent Total Disability (PTD) 100% of SI Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) As per PPD annexure Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Rs 3, 000/- per week for a maximum up to 54 weeks (only for salaried individual) Accidental medical expenses 10% of CSI OR 25% of admissible PA claim OR Actual expense, whichever is less Ambulance charges Actuals up to Rs 1, 000 Dead body transportation + Funeral expenses Actuals up to Rs 2, 500 Cost of clothing Actuals up to Rs 1, 000 Critical Illness Health Cover (Indemnity basis) Covers Benefits Sum insured Rs 5L (indemnity) Illnesses covered 15 illnesses (refer to the list below) Initial Waiting period 100 days Survival period 0 days Pre-existing diseases (PED) covered After 4 years of continuous renewal Exclusions Once a claim is made against a critical illness, that illness ceases to be covered under the policy Critical Illnesses covered (15 illnesses) 1. Heart Attack 6. Liver Transplant 11. Heart Valve Replacement 2. Stroke 7. Lung Transplant 12. Coma 3. Coronary Artery Disease Requiring Surgery 8. Heart Transplant 13. Motor Neurone Disease 4. Cancer 9. Pancrease Transplant 14. Major Head Trauma 5. Kidney Transplant 10. Paralysis / Paraplegia 15. Aplastic Anaemia Eligibility Criteria Tenure 1 year Cover Type Individual (Family floater not applicable) Age 18 to 65 years Medical checkup No medical checkup required. Full medical history disclosure is mandatory. Claim payment method Cashless (within network)/Reimbursement For more information about its call us
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