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Is it right time to enter Share market, Or exit share market ????? We are buying aggressive in cash market 20% today 20% Monday 20% Tuesdays 30% Wednesday Reason following :- Since the start of 2018 we are shouting to exit longs as crash is imminent, From 5 January no buying except dividend yield plays or buy backs only But markets were not falling, we started fresh cries and shouts as market went up. From 16 January midcaps are falling, Nifty falling from 29 January onwards. We made Big gains on 22 January 2008 when market was down 2200 points Approximately 30% to 100% in 7 days Since the start of online trading in Ludhiana, and being a share Brokers mostly we spend our time on stock screener. I have come to some fundamental and technical conclusions. 1. The market start a trend on Thursday and trend matures on Tuesdays. 2. We can't earn trading daily, we may get big opportunity every quarter to make big money. 3. Since May 2004 big movement came between 17th to 22nd day of month. 4. Since May 2013 every 9 the day fresh monthly sector special trend starts 5. Since 1997 come what may market bottom on around 16 December. We used this to predict start of bull market in December 2011 @ 18 December 2012 6. Exit most long position on or before 5 January Every year. Nobody can time the Share market with 100% success rate. Most of participants use charts and algorithms to beat the market, but as majority is using the same tools, success rate falls. We can earn handsome profits from Share markets if we use simple and different strategies. Fear and greed are the reasons for losses in Share markets, if we overcome and analize these we can earn big profits. Since my journey in stock market from 1991 to 2018 ( although it's our family business since 1980 ) I have seen great falls and great rise in market, but only a few participants profit from it. Disclaimer :- We are not SEBI registered advisor It's only for educational purposes.
  • 2018-03-23T03:46:12

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